Digital-Tutors Is Joining Forces with Professional Technical Training Provider, Pluralsight!

Digital-Tutors is excited to announce that we are joining forces with Pluralsight, the leader in online training for dev and IT. Together, subscribers now have access to over 3,000 creative and technical courses and all using your one log-in. Learn more about the announcement.

Digital-Tutors Is Joining Forces with Professional Technical Training Provider, Pluralsight!

Today marks one of the most exciting days in Digital-Tutors’ existence, and the beginning of a new chapter for our members and team.

For over 13 years, we’ve dedicated every single day to bringing our members, fellow artists and fellow designers the best video training to help them learn powerful new creative skills. The skills to graduate, to get your first job, to get the promotion you deserve and to bring your ideas and creativity to life—something we all value so much.

Now, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be joining forces with Pluralsight, the leader in online training for professional software developers and IT admins (meaning access to a library of over 3,000 courses!). Beyond access to content, Pluralsight has acquired Digital-Tutors, which also means more value for you. The acquisition ensures that the future for everyone involved with Digital-Tutors, including our members, is bright—we’re talking looking straight into the sun and not blinking bright.

We’ve even had the pleasure of starting to meet our new Pluralsight team members and it’s been an amazing experience. We’ve found a company and a group of people who are so much like us when it comes to our values, our goals around education, and our mission to change the world.

Get ready for an amazing year and future for online creative and tech training!


What does this mean for subscribers?

This opportunity brings new resources to let us focus on releasing more training for you, from new creative subjects we haven’t covered yet to going deeper into the software we already cover. We now have the resources to hire more tutors to help meet your needs and give you more ways to push your creative limits.

This also means you get instant access to Pluralsight’s 1,400+ courses, including more game development options, as well as training on scripting, web development, soft skills, hardware and networking and much more. If you’re an active Digital-Tutors member, you can access Pluralsight using the same log-in information and start watching training right now (and same for Pluralsight members on Digital-Tutors). Just sign in on the site where your account was created.

Some training highlights include:

Learning To Program

C# Fundamentals

Python Fundamentals

Game Programming with Python and PyGame

Unity3D Web Fundamentals with C#

Generating HTML5 Layouts Using Photoshop

Building Hybrid Mobile Applications with HTML5

While you might not be setting up your own cloud infrastructure this week, there are lots of tutorials that you can start watching today and more that might pique your interest in future endeavors. Make sure to explore the full Pluralsight training library.

Please note that at the current time offline and mobile apps for each site are only available on the site you signed up, and Digital-Tutors demo members will only able to navigate Pluralsight, but not access training (as they offer a different demo experience). We will roll out updates to offline and app viewing in the near future, but wanted to focus on providing a seamless online learning experience for members of both sites first. Read more in the FAQs.


What else is changing?

If you visit our subscription page, you’ll see a brand new Basic plan for $29 a month. This lower-priced plan still gives you unlimited viewing access, but doesn’t include project files, quizzes and tests, course certificates or the offline player. You can easily upgrade to get complete access to those features at any time with the Plus plan (what is what all current subscribers will now have). This lower-priced plan will hopefully help those who have requested this option, as well as more artists and designers around the globe who can now afford to learn with us!

The Plus subscription plan with every feature included will adjust to $49 a month. Those with current active subscriptions plans will continue to pay the price at which they signed up for as long as they remain a member. If you signed up last month for the $45 subscription, you’ll continue to pay $45 on your next renewal and every renewal after that.

See pricing and demo account FAQs


Who is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is a fellow leader in the online learning space, offering training for software developers, IT administrators and more. Its library consists of over 1,400 tutorials, meaning you now have access to over 3,000 full-length tutorials. Pluralsight tutors, which they call “authors,” are some of the most renowned and respected figures in their industries.

Similar to Digital-Tutors, Pluralsight sees affordable and accessible online training as a way to truly change people’s lives and change the world. Working together and offering a more robust training library, we can help more people and allow more organizations to fully address creative and technology training needs.


What’s this mean for the future of Digital-Tutors?

The Digital-Tutors staff and the training you love aren’t going anywhere. You can still expect daily training releases and even more content as additional tutors come online.

We joined forces with Pluralsight because we knew that together we could offer more training options to our members, ensure our team continues to grow, and reach more creative professionals and aspiring students. We’ve been bleeding Digital-Tutors orange for over 13 years, and we’re excited to now take on a new shade of orange with Pluralsight.


Thank you!

It is with complete joy and sincerity that we thank you—our members, fans and the greater Digital-Tutors family. Without you we couldn’t have changed the lives we have so far or the lives we will change next, and we hope that includes yours. We will never forget where we came from and all of your help to spread our training throughout the world.

Thank you for 13 years of amazing experiences, training and trust that has made us your learning resource. And cheers to the next 13 years of the same with Digital-Tutors and Pluralsight!

– The Digital-Tutors Team


What’s next?

You know where to find us. If you have any questions, we’ve created a dedicated FAQs page. You can also open a help ticket to reach our support team, call us, reach us on the social-sphere or even comment below.

For now, we encourage you to check out all of the new tutorials on Pluralsight you now have access to with you subscription, their blog post on the announcement, to keep learning with Digital-Tutors and to look for more exciting training to come.


Thank you again for being a part of this amazing journey and we hope you are as excited about the future of creative training as us!

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Digital-Tutors Team

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  • Austin Mayden says:

    Exciting news, can’t wait for the future!

  • Joseph Marritt says:

    Wow! I felt this is the only area that Digital Tutors was lacking, there isn’t much available code wise but this is great news and this pretty much a flawless investment at this point, keep up the great work!

  • Mitchell Elliott says:

    Wow this is pretty cool, I’ve always wanted to learn more #C for Unity, and Android, iOS, well everything!!! So this is pretty amazing! I always wanted to be an artist with Kung Fu programming skills!

  • Kevin Ohlsson says:

    Awesome stuff! Congrats DT! I LOVE THE ADDITIONAL PRICING OPTION & HTML5 courses now available! Thanks to all at DT for your amazing work! You rock! Regards!

  • Daniel Zimmermann says:

    Congratulations. I hope you keep focused and provide quality lessons as before though. I’m not interested in the new library. Don’t add cooking tutorials after the next merger ;o)

  • Adrian Gonzales says:

    This is great news! I have been doing some online programming courses with other sites, but now I may not have to! Excellent!

  • Matthew Workman says:

    Very cool, I’m really into C#/C++ programming again for Unity/Unreal4 Engine. Looking forward to checking the new stuff out :)

  • abdulwhed alabdlee says:


  • Ryan Stelly says:

    I spent five months two years ago on Digital Tutors, loved it, but moved towards code. Now I’ve been a Pluralsight subscriber for over a year. I always wanted to go back to DT to do some more hobby modeling, but couldn’t justify the additional subscription. This acquisition abso[infix]lutely made my week. You guys rock, Pluralsight and you guys rock, Digital Tutors.

  • Jacob Kemper says:

    Congratulations! Sounds amazing. Also, great to have a lower plan option as well.

  • Patrick Walker says:

    This is awesome news! I have been doing C# training on my own for a short while. Now I can learn even more with a subscription I already have. Thanks for looking for new ways to enrich our learning experience.

  • Brittany Moore says:

    I’m very excited about this. I’ve been thinking about dropping digital tutors for a while and switching to lynda because I need to learn more code, and can’t afford both subscriptions. Now, I shouldn’t have to! Thank you …Maybe I’ll even up my subscription to a year ;)

  • Jonathan Scruggs says:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! I literally just found out about pluralsight last week as I was searching for an old PeepCode tutorial (PeepCode was recently acquired by PluralSight). I thought, “this is just like DigitalTutors, only for my job instead of my hobby!” My next thought was “I have to have this but how am I going to afford/justify another training subscription?” Then literally 5 days later, like a blessing from God, I open my email and find out I now have access to both! Thank you so much for this!

    I would make one suggestion: one of the things that makes DigitalTutors so amazing and such a compelling product is the Learning Paths concept. For folks like me, the paradox of choice leaves us a little lost when we see a hug list of courses. I would love to see the Learning Paths concept implemented at PluralSight, as well as something like CGI101 that starts the beginner at the beginning to build out basic concepts and vernacular that build the foundation of all the other courses.

    Looking forward to many years to come!

  • Jake Ruff says:

    Yessssss! More options! Thank you!

  • Spiros Mouzakitis says:

    For me it makes sense to have a “creative” package (with Digital tutors only courses – old annual price subscription ), a “technical package” (pluralsight only courses) and a package that has both.

    is this a possibility in the future?


  • Robert Citron says:

    No. I don’t like this. The absolute majority of people who use digital tutors use it to learn CG. The only people adding comments here are the few people who for some reason want to learn coding or whatever, so I just wanted to comment to let you know MOST of us don’t want anything to do with that, they just aren’t commenting because they are NOT excited about this. Digital tutors basically teaches computer art, this new stuff is like computer science. Not the same thing at all. I already think digital tutors has gone a bit down hill. You used to have brand new Zbrush courses every single week. And some fantastic Cinema 4D courses every other week or so and other great stuff like retopology in 3d coat or topogun. Now every week it’s AutoCad or Revit. Soooo much Revit! I haven’t seen a single zbrush course in ages. It’s like the site is so different. I don’t know who’s watching those AutoCad and Revit courses and what have you but I had hoped DT’s would go back to it’s more pure approach of pure cg and cg tools for movies and games and such and stop all this extra nonsense. No offense. I love DT. I literally use it every single day but I have to wait so much longer now for a new course I’m even remotely interested in to be mad available. This just seems like another shift in the wrong direction. If you agree with me, people..let them know so maybe we can change all this!

    • Grant Boudon says:

      Hi Robert, thanks for voicing your concern! Yes, this new training might not be for everyone, but there is a lot more that will happen too that will hopefully alleviate the other concerns you had previous to the announcement! Hopefully we can help elaborate:

      “Digital tutors basically teaches computer art, this new stuff is like computer science.”
      – We aren’t going anywhere! Digital-Tutors is still focused on the creative side. The content is now open to subscribers on both sites, but creative is and will be what we work on. Together we bring more value to those subscribers who find use in both libraries, but also to organizations (schools and companies) who need a training resource for all of their technical people. While this might not be true in your situation, we hope organizations see just how important it is to keep their people on top of the latest skills and techniques. We have not lost sight of our subscribers who want creative content. :)

      “You used to have brand new Zbrush courses every single week. And some fantastic Cinema 4D courses every other week or so and other great stuff like retopology in 3d coat or topogun. Now every week it’s AutoCad or Revit.”
      – We have increased our CAD content, but we hired resources specifically to focus on that and didn’t pull any of our people who did ZBrush and CINEMA 4D training away from that. It’s funny how many complaints we got for releasing too much ZBrush content at one point, but that just points out to us the hard balance to find and please everyone, which we do want to do. This also bring up a great benefit mentioned in the post about this gives us more resources to hire more full-time tutors and guest tutors working in production. And then hopefully addressing meeting the needs of all software – from more CINEMA 4D, ZBrush, MODO, 3ds Max and on and on!

      ” I literally use it every single day but I have to wait so much longer now for a new course I’m even remotely interested in to be mad available. ”
      – Just over a year ago we only released once a month, then last year weekly and now daily. We hoped the daily release goal we set would get content out much faster and address the above concern. We can see how it looks like nothing might be there of interest, but with the previous release schedules that content would have been another month away from even being released. We are ramping up releases again so hopefully more software is covered more frequently.

      Thanks again for letting us know how you feel Robert! Those concerns are concerns we have definitely thought about and always think about. Having a new company to help with financial and people resources to meet them will hopefully calm issues you’ve experienced as we move forward!

      • Robert Citron says:

        Wow. Thank you very much for responding. And responding to just about everything I said. I definitely appreciate it and that makes me want you guys to be successful. Let me just say though, you did put out a bunch of zbrush courses at one time..just too many, but that doesn’t mean you should have basically stopped all together. How about 1 a week. That’s perfect. And definitely move the cad/Revit/inventor stuff to that other site. There is faarr too much of that now. And please, though I loove that your putting out more Cinema 4D courses, please stop making them all about after effects and 2D workflows. We want what a Maya user would want. We want rigging. We want to learn to model sports cars and big ‘ol complicated monsters. We want VFX and how to do it in C4D, and how to make a super complicated scene and animate it all to run smoothly, and we want a serious, complete breakdown of facial rigging and how to animate a face in C4D and how and why you would do certain things. (Ok that last request was really what ‘I’ want rather than maybe ‘we’. :) ) And stop all the making of a tiny Christmas tree and snowman for a tv bumper with 2d text. If there is 2D text involved, I guarantee you, know one cares. Really, I’m very happy you guys decided to add more Cinema 4D courses because you kind of stopped completely for a while, but that said, the content of those courses have been lackluster, at best. Boring and simple and uninteresting. Think of a bunch of courses you want to do with 3Ds Max and just make them with C4D.
        Also, there are tons of Pixar and Disney movies out there using Zbrush to create the characters, but there are literally like 2 courses in your entire DT catalog that feature cartoon-type or animated characters (the bird one and the big nose guy with a hat). There are definitely people out there who want to maybe work for Pixar one day and they want to learn how these characters awe developed and made using Zbrush. No more horrifying monsters. Every Zbrush course nowadays is just one disgusting creature to the next. Let’s try a little cute for once. :)

        Anyway, thanks again for responding and easing some of my fears. The fact that you get out there and talk directly to your customers makes you guys nothing short of amazing. And take my advice into consideration, I promise, it’s some good stuff. . ; )

        • Grant Boudon says:

          Happy I could be of help, Robert. I will make sure to take your concerns about training coverage to our content team. I promise you that. Hopefully as we ramp up with more tutors we can better fulfill all of our members’ needs!

          Have a great weekend Robert!

          • Aaron Skonnard says:

            Hi all, I wanted to voice in from the Pluralsight team. We are all very excited for what’s to come and can only reiterate what the post says and what Grant has mentioned throughout the comments here. There are zero plans to slow down the creative training output or to jeopardize quality in any way. We are as much impressed by what Digital-Tutors has done for thirteen years as where they want to take creative training next. We want to help fuel that.

            Bringing these top professional libraries together for larger corporate customers (who need training on all of these skills) is a definite win but that does not mean we intend to lose focus in any particular area, thereby diminishing value for individuals. It’s our narrow-but-deep focus that has led to Pluralsight’s success thus far and we don’t intend to change that. I know most acquisitions don’t pan out that well, but hopefully time will prove out what we’re saying here.

  • Susan Lee says:

    Well, color me concerned. I’ve seen too many cases when the result of one company buying another turns out to be bad for the customers/subscribers/clients of the company that has been bought. I really hope that this will not be the case this time, but yeah, I’m concerned.

    • Grant Boudon says:

      Hi Susan, thanks for letting us know. We would never have done this without it being a win for everyone involved – and not even on a financial level. We constantly think about the 30+ DT employees in OKC and hundreds around the world whose livelihoods and families depend on this company. Mouths to feed and bills to pay! And if it was bad for us and the whole Digital-Tutors community, we would not have done it.

      While no one can fully predict the future, know that we did this because it was the right move for everyone involved – members, employees and the future lives we will now be able to change through accessible creative education. The Pluralsight team are also amazing, genuine people. Their values and mission are just like ours, and on a human level they want to do what is right, including for all of our customers/subscribers/clients!

  • Spiros Mouzakitis says:

    Yes, i agree with Robert. There should be a focus, otherwise at the end it feels like a generic tutorial site…you know like the Internet :)

    but i am afraid Robert this acquisition is more business-oriented than customer-centric. Our outcries are irrelevant if there is no viable business model in quality digital art lessons.

    I cannot speak for others, but for me it would be great if DT actually narrowed the spectrum of courses by adding more depth on existing.

    • Robert Citron says:

      Yes, I understand what you are saying Spiros about this being business-oriented, but I will say this.. DT has seemed like it was always trying to be better. It tried to give customers what they wanted (although I believe some ideas they had on their own, were not very good i.e. Less Zbrush more Revit, less illustrator more inventor or Autocad). So I’m hoping they will hear us and continue with the zbrush, cinema 4d, 3D Coat, Maya, illustrator, after effects, 3ds max, real flow, Mari, and others tutorials and stick to CG for movies and games and VFX. Art. We want to create art! Not code computers or make websites, there are millions of other places on the web for all that. I want Digital Tutors from like 3-5 years ago back. Divide any software’s courses into 3. The very early stuff (they didn’t really know what they were doing yet; but the courses were still quite good) the middle stuff (where everything was perfect), and the most recent stuff (where everything started to not feel quite right, where all this extraneous stuff started to come and the same amount of courses came out each week, but there were far less extra software’s to get in the way.) We want the middle back! Where everything was perfect. Let them know if you agree with me! Like I said, I always did think that DT’s did try and listen to their customers, so maybe they will this time.
      I hope this all made sense, I’m very, very tired. Thanks and say something if you agree. .

      • Chris Draper says:

        I totally agree with your points Robert. DT does seem to have left the programs you have mentioned by the wayside somewhat of late and like you, I have found it lacking in many new tutorials that are relevant to these programs. You are correct, the middle ground was the golden period, but in the same token I can understand DT trying to cover as many creative outlets as possible and they should be applauded for that. Unfortunately it seems to be at the expense of the more popular creative programs that almost all us designers use. I would have thought that the main subscriber market for this site would be 3D and 2D VFX artists, so like most, these new tutorials will not interest me.
        Really, as I think someone else has mentioned, there should also be options for VFX tutorials only and coding/IT tutorials only. Otherwise, a lot of us are simply paying for something that we are simply not going to need or use.
        Ultimately for me, DT has been a great help, especially when I was learning 3D and their back catalogue is still massively invaluable. However, personally I would rather have the option of a VFX only package, that way users can choose what they want to focus on. Whether it be VFX, coding/IT or both.

      • Grant Boudon says:

        Thanks again for your comments Robert! Hopefully some of the responses in my previous reply the your other comment will help with concerns brought up here.

    • Grant Boudon says:

      Hi Spiros, yes, we will be focusing on breadth AND depth of being the creative training resource!

  • Spiros Mouzakitis says:

    By the way why disinclude the project files from the Basic subscription plan??

    project files are vital part of the courses!!! This is not an extra benefit.
    it affects the quality of training :(

    • Grant Boudon says:

      Yes, that option is for those who don’t want the project files, which is the subscriber’s option. The $4 increase to the Plus plan will be the only real downside as we match Pluralsight’s pricing, but that’s why we left the $45 plan open for a week and why all renewals will continue to be $45 until the subscriber chooses to end the subscription. It will be our first rise in price since offering subscriptions over 4 years ago, and the $29 plan will be our lowest too.

  • brandon garrett says:

    sweet less money and i can have someone tell me about computer language’s instead of reading and testing.

  • Toula Ward says:

    I feel the same as others that have expressed their concerns about the merger. I don’t want the online training to become suddenly all about IT and less about CGI. The only reason that I subscribed to Digital Tutors is that it was targeted to my specific learning needs…2D and 3D animation, 3D modelling, visual effects etc. Please do not neglect these subjects because of the new merger – these training courses are the only reason I subscribe.

    • Robert Citron says:

      Well said..

      • Lillian Young says:

        I agree with you, Robert. I was excited until learning that the plural company has zero topics of interest to me.

        However, if the acquisition will allow them to hire more tutors as stated in the article, I hope it gives us more tutor options in the current content as we know it.

    • Grant Boudon says:

      Indeed, Toula! They didn’t just acquire us for the now, but for what we can do together for the future! Creative software doesn’t stop rolling out updates and releases, so if the plan wasn’t to maintain and grow the creative training, it would be a bad investment.

      We promise no neglect as 0 full-time tutors and 0 guest tutors are being let go – no one is. We, Digital-Tutors, are only ramping up!

  • Lillian Young says:

    I think that an AE tuts, Gnomon, Escape Studios or some similar union with DT would be cause for celebration. But I guess that time will with the IT site. I’m not into coding nor website building anymore. I’ll have to see how it develops beyond what it currently is.

  • Michael Tilson says:

    As a very long term subscriber I wish I could take this news with more optimism. Having over 30 years of developing deep technical content for the Fortune 500 IT crowd, I know all about extremely dry technical training. Now it isn’t that I don’t believe in synergies, rather it is my personal experience with mergers and the subsequent consolidations which gives me pause. Training is fragile and has a limited shelf life. Large organizations can have maniacal focus on cost controls until QA goes right out the door.

    The work culture will change. It always does. So I will remain as loyal to you (which is my wish) as long as you don’t break what you already have achieved. So as a programmer this doesn’t bother me at all but from my experience of mergers, something always changes. Since I love your service so deeply you may understand why I feel this way.

    • Grant Boudon says:

      Thanks Michael! All valid concerns from what you have probably witnessed. While “synergies” alone makes some of us cringe, we look at it more of what each side had to offer the other and what we can learn from one another.

      Your and all of our members’ loyalty means the world to us, and we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize it. We know how much of that starts and ends with making sure we don’t lose site of high-quality creative training that has been at the center of what we do for 13+ years.

  • Marcel Narings says:

    I can use my DT account on the PluralSight website to view their content, but I have also noticed PluralSight has an iOS app to view PS content, but I can’t use it because you have to login with a PS account but I am a DT member. Will the app be updated in the future so I can view PS content on my iPhone/iPad?

  • Spiros Mouzakitis says:

    I agree with Toula, Robert, Lillian and Michael and Chris!

    CGI should be the focus. DT stands out for the professional workflows, not the range of products being served.

    In my humble opinion, it is better to have 300 in-depth tutorials on modeling / painting on specific major sotwares, rather than…3 for photoshop, 2 for sketchbook, 3 for manga studio,2 revit, etc

    Most software already has its own tutorial libraries for free, so there is absolutely no point in doing this.

    My suggestion is focus on CGI, nothing else. Focus on Learning paths and Skills building, not tutorials that feel more like advertisements

    PS.1 I am afraid that it is more easy to find companies to pay subscriptions for IT courses, rather than CGI for their employees.

    PS2. DT has way more awesome website that pluralsight :p

    • Chris Draper says:

      True. I’m lucky in that our company pays for 2 subscriptions for our studio of 4. However, it will be harder to start justifying it if the prices go up anymore, granted the new pricing isn’t by much, however using a site like this still has to be justified and accounted for every year, it would be a shame to only have one subscription between 4 designers. So I hope the CG side of things isn’t compromised and by only being interested in this side of things that the price of subscription reflects that. I’m hopeing it will, if it means access to more tutors and useful tutorials. But (echoing previous comments) separate packages would make sense. :)

      • Grant Boudon says:

        Thanks Chris! Yes, pricing options by packages is something we will discuss moving forward. We were able to knock out so much in such a short time thanks to some amazing effort, some long nights and lots of caffeine to prepare for the announcement and sign on for both sites. We will be thinking about what next is best for all involved.

        For your subscriptions, your price will remain the same for as long as you continue to renew. If only our cable providers were so nice :)

    • Grant Boudon says:

      Thanks again Spiros! Hopefully my comment to your other posts will help ease your worries. Creative training IS our focus and Pluralsight has the resources to help that focus be better than ever before.

  • Spiros Mouzakitis says:

    Thank you very much Grant for the replies! We really appreciate your efforts :)

  • Victor Moreira Mello says:

    When I read this I become really worry with the news, mainly because their training focus is so different from DT.
    But now that I read Grant replies I’m less worry and have a better understanding of why this apparently distinct companies are now together.

    I really hope DT manage to expand their content while maintaining the same quality with the new resources.
    (and Pluralsight, you need a better website )

  • Christopher Loyd says:

    This is quite amazing. I lead a team of developers in my professional life, and 3D art has recently become a hobby of mine. I’ve been using Pluralsight for years, and recently just bought a subscription to Digital Tutors. This fulfils both my work life and my hobbyist needs – amazing acquisition for sure.

    Pluralsight’s library is to the technical world what Digital Tutor’s library is to the art world – both in quality and substance.

  • Palmer Noah says:

    I was very excited the first time I read this news about 2 months ago.

    This is the most amazing merger/acquisition in the world of Computing! I love this!

    As a creative motion designer, I always want full control of my Motion graphics workflow. This has always pushed me towards learning programming with Python or C++. And now here is the opportunity!

  • Palmer Noah says:

    For some who don’t understand this; Any creative expert who uses applications as After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, etc, learning programming gives you total and enhanced control over your workflow, in that you can create custom plugins and scripts that are peculiar to a particular project at any given time, (most effective when faced with complex projects that require functionality of plugins that are not yet available anywhere in the world)

    Or you can even create custom user interface elements (e.g custom toolbars etc.) Or even rebuild your software interface as desired to enhance and speed-up your workflow like never before, and be unique!

    Thanks so much PluralSight & Digital Tutors for this merger. GOD Bless you all for this amazing initiative of co-operation, instead of rivalry. GOD Bless you really good.

  • Tim van der Togt says:

    Hey Grant.

    I doubt i’ll ever get an answer seeing as this is almost a year old now. I used to be a sub to DT but had to stop for a year to help my family out. Now i wanted to start it up again but i’m missing something or i really just didn’t find it. Now i’m cool with the merger. This will actually give me something else to do every once in a wile. So kudos on that :). And a belated congratulations.

    Now my question. Is it just me or did you guys stop with the semi (6 months) annual subscription plan? That’s how i used to do it when you where just DT without PS. It is really gone or did i just miss something somewhere? I know it’s late but i’ve looked across the forums and couldn’t find anything atm. So if you read this and still want to answer i’d really appreciate that :).

    Also.. 4 bucks more for 2x the library of training (yep i include PS here). Can’t really say that’s a bad thing tbh :D.

  • Floyd Raymer says:

    Enough time has gone by to say … Pluralsight sucks and you’ve lost me with the new website layout and the lack of new CG related material. Digital tutors website was friendly and welcoming with visuals to get you excited about learning a new subject … not the same anymore.

    • Robert Citron says:

      Yep. I told you all. Look at my comments waaaay above. I knew this merger would screw everything up, and it did. Digital Tutors is not the same as it used to be. Far less creative content. They try to please every single person; get as many different customers as possible. It used to be just us creatives and there were new courses ALL the time, and it was a place to learn and share and talk to other people who were creating amazing stuff. Kind of a niche site, but that was what was so great about it. Content has gone down hill, just as I predicted. Everything is different and much worse. Don’t bother responding. It is what it is. Gives other people the opportunity to jump in and start a company that is just like DT ‘s used to be. There are already many. But still no one does it better than DT did just several years ago. A ton of content, giving us what we actually wanted, as opposed to making a zillion videos on every single piece of software out there for every single person out there. Come on, man. This site never used to be about computing. It was about creating art. It was sort of a certain industry. If I wasn’t so tired, I’m sure I would do a better job at voicing my opinion. But it’s midnight, or so, and I just got a reply to this in my email, from a thread and a website I haven’t even visited in more than 2 years.

      As you can see .. It still severely pisses me off. Heh.

  • Richard Heaton says:

    Shame on you digital tutors for selling out and cashing in!
    You WAS great for the 3D creative industry but all gone. So a big thank you and two fingers ✌️️up to you.

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